My makeup looks have been very consistent for the past months.
Which I love, the simple but effortless when it comes to makeup.
I don’t know if its age or am finally finding my style when it comes to makeup.
Yes, we all have a style of makeup, your very own signature look. Mine for the longest time was more on the full makeup everyday type.

So here is what am currently reaching for in terms of my makeup.
Let’s start with the bag, Am not one to go out and purchase a makeup bay 9 times out of 10 my makeup bags have been gifted with a PR package. This bag simple Hugo boss bag is so perfect for my current makeup situation. It’s easy to carry and fits in all my handbags.

What’s In It?

Its just five things 

I can’t believe it is my makeup bag. In all honesty, I find it rehearsing not to carry around six different conceals in my makeup bag.


It is the Nyx for me currently. I have no complaints when it comes it. We are currently in summer and I haveing a dewy foundation in my makeup bag is always handy.


The essence concealer is my only concealer am currently using. Love the highlight it gives me and the coverage it has. A concealer is good to have when you have to remove the mask and the makeup on the nose has been wiped off.


Well, this product is not in use currently. Wearing a mask half of your lipstick will be wiped off. 


I have brought more eyelashes then ever since the new age of wearing masks. They have become more important than setting powder. I love they make you look so put together without much effort.

Lookdown has truly made me not reach out for my makeup more. It’s like the less I put on the less time I would have to remove later at night.

There is a revolution happing am not quite sure how it will play out but my love for makeup its till there. I just want to look more neutral. Colour in my makeup currently irritates me. I feel like a clown lol. I just want to look simple a classic. 

So there you have it. It is not much but it works.