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14 MARCH 2021
What is Imposter Syndrome & How Can You Combat It

Being insure about myself has been something I had to learn to deal with. I would be from my wight my skin breaking out. I always found myself dealing with some kind of internal battle. I recently rad a blog post from one of my favourite bloggers about Imposter Syndrome.

At first, I thought it might be something to do with stealing somebody’s identity. Little did I know that it was anything but that. I this post we will dive right in as to what Imposter Syndrome is and how to combat it.

It’s one thing to be insurer about your looks, it something else to have the feeling of not deserving any good in your life. So what is imposter syndrome?

It refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be.

I have had experiences or episodes where I felt I didn’t deserve what good was currently happing in my life. One of the many experiences was when I became a sangoma. I battle with it to this day that is not deserving of such a gift. I have doubts about my gift it is a constant struggle.

Feeling Like A Phoney.

The term was first discovered by psychologies Suzanna Innes and Pauline Rose Clance in the 1970s.

The Characteristics Are:

  1. Self -Doubt
  2. Overarching
  3. Sabotaging your success
  4. Setting Very Challenging goals and feeling disappointed when you fall short.

The last characteristics hit close to home. I love setting unrealistic goals for myself and beat myself up when I don’t achieve them.

Now that we have gotten a hold of what are the characteristics we will drive into the Types.

  1. Perfectionists 
  2. Superhero
  3. Expert
  4. Natural Genius 
  5. Soloist

This syndrome appears in several different ways. I resented all of them having ID its not classified as having a mental disorder. It’s not tired to depression either. Here are some of the things I started doing to not have this feeling. Talking about it I find it much easier when I asked people who care about my wellbeing about a task or an idea that I might have.

I know this feeling will visit me once or twice a month. Second, guessing my abilities and achievements.

You Have Talent 

You Are A capable 

And You Belong