23 NOV 2020
Welcome To My Blog

I find it so good to finally admit that am growing as a creative. I think so many creatives stay stuck in what was working for them and don’t get the balls to leave what no longer serves them.
This year made me dig deep into what I was putting out. I had all this time to think. I knew I had to make a change I just didn’t know it would in tail me deleting my blog and my Instagram account.
Yes, it had to be done because I’ve become honest with myself.
My Instagram is my favorite place because I now focus on following pages I enjoy and being part of the community. My Instagram habits have changed. Even though I get tempted to do the old follow and unfollow way.

I talked a bit about my habits of social media a lot on my old blog and how they have contributed to my self-confidence. You would be lying to yourself if you think the number of likes doesn’t give to that kick. Now with less pressure I post more often and am enjoying the platform.
There is a serious lack of individuality in the type of content we are creating. I knew I had to make a change it’s when TikTok came along and we all crated accounts and we all were creating some videos the only difference was the creator behind the camera.
It’s the same on every platform. There is a formula that works on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
But I won’t go into that …I just hope you got my point.
It is not easy as people assume it is. Creating content takes a toll on your self-confidence. It gets lonely and very hard to keep up and stay relevant. I have been in this industry for 5 years and I still have hard moments. It has become a space filled with so much competition and less fun and more support.
This is my first blog post … am back after weeks of reflecting on whether I wanted to create online. Yes. I was in serious conversations with myself and I missed it … the blog post ideas and editing pictures…I missed it.
To my defense, I feel a change was needed for myself. As a blogger/ Influencer I think most of us not have become copies of each other.
As you can tell I have not linked any other platform to my blog. It’s just YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.
This is how things will be from now on
Here are my social media handles.
To my blog here to many more posts. I feel there is a lot I want to write about even touching on fashion. I know right it’s just so refreshing.
Am really at a better place with how my content is having full control over it. Not caring really about the numbers and putting more effort into my content.
I hope you find this post relatable if so comment down below.