Travel Bucket List | New York City
13 AUGUST 2021
Travel Bucket List | New York City

There is no particular reason why New York other than New York.
Travel bucket lists are not as short as mine granted I do want to travel to Pairs ..but first on the list is the big apple. I have never travelled overseas in my life. I have only experienced how life is by watching vlogs on youtube, I don’t watch TV.

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and am fond of the city but I would like yellow cabs and Times Square and not Gandhi Square it is not too much to ask?

Yes..(My bank account would say R13000 is too much to ask for). I just need a week in that city and I will be happy.No sightseeing. I know I just want to do the everyday things I would get up to when am in Johannesburg. That is why having a person that lives in New York full time can show you the way of truly living like a New Yorker.
Not a typical bucket list right sorry to disappoint you but it is what it is. My list will get longer when I’ve ticked this one-off.