Top 3 Most Common Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

23 March 2023

Granted, there is no right or wrong way of applying makeup, but there are mistakes that are commonly made and can be avoided. As a beginner makeup artist, you might need some assistance in understanding why some rules in makeup can not be broken.

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Not Prepping Your Skin 

Not the biggest fan of a primer under your foundation but properly prepping your skin is very important in ensuring that your makeup lasts. Not every moisturizer will work best for you that is why you need to understand your skin and what it needs. When you do apply the moisturizer (primer) you need to let it sit and properly be absorbed into your skin. If you go in with the foundation right after your prepping step you with be mixing these two products and missing all to benefit of the moisturizer.

Concealer Creases Under The Eye

Nothing is as irritating as this, having your makeup so beautifully done and having your concealer crease. The best way to avoid this from happening is to not apply the foundation under your eye. The product build-up is the reason why your concealer is bound to crease. Other factors might cause your concealer to crease besides the foundation factor. Using a very dense creamy concealer can cause a lot of creasing.

Blend Your Makeup 

For your make to look seamless, you need to blend your makeup. An unblended face will kill your makeup application results. The easiest way to make sure your makeup is gorgeous you need to take the makeup brush you used and go over your face with it. 

I hope this post gives you some insight into what makeup mistakes are and how best to avoid them.