20 JANUARY 2021

The Worst DIY Pigmentation Mistakes

I am in no position to pass judgment on this. Ever since I have been on my skincare journey, I have realised that putting raw lemon on your face would do more damage than good.

We all love Pinterest but for cooking tips and to know what’s trending in fashion, Not for DIY skincare. In this post, I will be tackling DIY skin care for pigmentation. 

So first on the list is



The worst thing you could put on your face its raw Lemon. Yes, most people could argue that it contains citric acid of which is true but that AHA it is not partially good for melanin skin. To top it all of you are not getting the proper dosage of critic acid. Lemon belongs in your body, not on it. It has been given a lot of hats in skincare

  • Getting Rid of Acne
  • Helping with Anti-ageing
  • Reducing the oil production in your skin
  • Lighting your skin

It is highly recommended that you use skincare products that are for your skin. Leave the lemon for the pies 


I love a blow of oatmeal but not in my skincare routine. Using whole gains on your skin as a means to exfoliate could lead to mic-tiers on your skin. As a result, you can get pigmentation, irritation and flaking skin. Start but finding good exfoliating products.
There are two types of ways to exfoliate. You can use physical or chemical. Physical exfoliants would be skincare products with small miro beads where chemical exfoliant would be a skincare product with AHA.

It has to be the most used kitchen ingredient in DIYskincarecare.I have to admit I have mixed us a mask or two using this ingredient. The skin’s natural ph is about 4-5 and that’s the happy medium of your skin. if and when its off-balance that where acne comes and many other skincare problems happen. Apple cider vinegar has a PH leave of about 2-3 and that is just too strong for our skin. The thing is natural skincare sounds good on theory but in the long run your skin will make you pay.

You have to be very careful about what you introduce your skin too. Especially if you have melanin skin. They are some people that would disagree with my findings but most dermatologist suggest not to create your skincare line from your kitchen.