08 December 2020

It’s no secret that I struggle with acne. I document my journey on my channel.

I have been at war with my skin from the time I hit my teens I always had pimples on my chin accompanied with heat rashes when summer hits. I honestly disliked it but acne in your teen is justified. You are growing up and your body is changing. So when you and your best friend are sharing zip problems you it takes off the pressure a bit.

Years went on and my skin had good months and really bad ones. This time I was in my early 20” s. My skin never got better as time went on and me not paying attention to the changes things turned for the worse.

My acne was never really all over my face but rather on my chin and jawline.

It was my love for makeup that really made me take note of all the pimples on my face. I started my YouTube channel and I was not very confident with my skin and how much acne was living there.

I started to look into skincare products and what could help me I was in a very sad place. My self-confidence took a knock for sure. I started paying more attention to what type of acne I had and what am currently doing to make my situation worse.

In 2018. – 2019 my skin was very bad. I had scars and more acne than I could handle. It has been asked a bit about my skincare journey as to why I didn’t go see a skin specialist.

I didn’t want to because they would have suggested I get to put on the pill. That’s something I don’t want to do. Personally.

I wanted to master my skin as I got older. I will never have acne-free skin. I will deal with some type of acne.
That means I had to look at the makeup products I was using and what I was eating on daily basis.

It really was hard still is… I get bad days where I avoid the mirror or taking pictures because my skin looks bad.

I have learned to not let my skin issues get to me instead I want to teach acne pron babes to love their skin through a break out too dark spots and all.

This was a journal post of my skincare journey. If you would like to watch the videos in it the there is a playlist on my channel. I now better understand how my skin works and to love it.