Skin Functional Moisturizer(5% Black Ginseng & ATP Complex)
02 AUG 2021
Skin Functional Moisturizer(5% Black Ginseng & ATP Complex)

Skin functional is our answer to The Ordinary. Over the past few months, I have been consistent in my use of these products I have bought from skin functional. Its a whole of products but the one
The skincare world has changed. We are no longer blinded by brands that promise us the best results with skincare ranges that never produces results. We have taken control of our skincare routines and are now highly informed thanks, to Skin Functional.

Actives are all I have been, hearing from skincare influencers. Getting my hands on the Ordinary skincare range was a far way dream.

Skin functional has changed the way I see skin. How I now take extra care in what I put on my skin. With is moisturize there was no expectation that I would not love this moisturizer
Skin functional play very much on their skincare ingredients and how they cater to your skincare concerns. This is why I love this moisturizer and you would too.

The Skin functional moisturizer is a daily skincare need for hydrated and much healthier skin. The core ingredient when it comes to this moisturizer is Ginseng.

Yes, Ginseng is a wildly common skincare ingredient in Korean skincare. Ginseng is no new skincare ingredient ridden. Ginseng popularity in Korean skincare dated back to the 1500s.It is the biggest Koreans skincare secret, now it’s in your backyard thanks to Skin Functional.


This moisturizer has helped my skin with much-needed hydration thought out the dry Johannesburg winter. The skin functional moisturizer can boost the circulation of blood vessels in turn, the synthesis of collagen.

The Product Pax

  • This moisturizer comes in a 50ml
  • You can use it in the daytime and nighttime
  • Suitable for combination, dry, oily and sensitive.
  • It will set you by R295

There is a lot to be said about how good this moisturizer is. I truly love how Skin Functional has brought such a good product to us.