05 January 2021


Skin Care Update

I hate summer.
My skin is at its best in cooler claimants but summer I have to fight off the acne with every ingredient you cant think of.

We are currently in the middle of summer. Its new years eve and I have closed comedones all over my jawline area. I thought we wouldn’t be in this position again. Things were so good.
The break out is not as bad as my previous ones but a break out its a breakout. This time it’s not cystic painful its more of a club of pimples on my jawline that you cant only see if I have makeup on.

The reason why am not stressed about them because people can’t see them because of the current claimant of us having to wear makes all the time. But non the less my makeup looks so bad because my skin is textured.

I have looked at everything that could have contributed to me having closed comedones on my face. I have been trying some new skincare bits that have been the contribution to my breakout.

Right now, I have stopped using any of the new products that I have bought. My current skincare routine is at its simplest form. I know quite a lot of you would think its the suplement. No I just messed up my skin barrier again. When you have oily skin your skin berried is very sensitive. So I cant try skincare products every time.

I have to get into the habit to patch test new skincare products. Before I use it on my sensitive skin. My skin is feeling less and less textured as the days go.
I just can’t wait for winter.