Self Care Habits That Changed My Life

09 August 2022

There are so many videos and posts about habits. How can one set good habits and keep them up. Habits are the stepping stones that make reaching our goals that much easier.

When I think about building habits, I picture little things.
I do in my day that makes up my lifestyle.
Drinking water every time I see a tap or even take a break when my body needs it.

So in this post, I would like to share with you some of the self-care habits I have developed over these past few months. It’s still a work in progress.

Simplifying My Routine 

We all have a way of getting up and ready in the morning and winding down after a long day. I found that simplifying my morning and nighttime routines have made it easy not to fall off. I don’t like doing my hair but I do enjoy my skincare routine so by mixing these two routines I get rewarded for my suffering. I do my skincare routine and my hair, am currently on a hair care journey to better take care of my hair. 


Life Admin Day

Scheduling a life admin day is one for the books. Am sure you are wondering what is a life admin day. It’s a day in the week when you do all the things that you put off when life gets in the way. Like cleaning out your closet or changing the light bulb in your pantry. For me, I find that Saturday mornings are the best to tackle such tasks. Once you are done with your list it makes all your daily routines so much easier to do. 

Taking Sundays Off

So I work on most days Sundays are mine. I don’t pick up my phone or be on any social medeia platforms. I schedule all of my social media content the night before. As being a content creator can be draining, I completely switch off. Sundays off have been so good for my mental health I just read my book and spend time with my family.

Life has become so enjoyable with these habits that I have developed. Am still adding to my habit list the current three are what’s helping me so far. I hope you found this post useful take care.