10 February 2021

My Current Nails

My Current Nails

I should have been a nail technician. My love for nails its an obsession at this point. I have a lot of nail shapes that I love to create on my nails.
I have always been my nail tech. I don’t trust anyone with my nails. I would have been a very unsatisfied client if I had not taught myself.

I typically do my nails every two weeks. Of which its a constant struggle because I love changing my nails.
I would say this is my 5th set of the year and we are not even in the middle of February.

Pinterest has to be the please where I find my inspiration for my next set. Am not typically a huge fan of Acrylic Tips my natural nails become very damaged after I have removed them. Mixed with my impatiens of applying acrylic tips.

Stick on nails have come a long way. Back when I started doing my nails the shape provided was not so exciting and I have gotten a hang of using the nail file to create the shape I desire.
My current nails are a french tip with a twist. It’s a nail design that iv has seen since 2018, just did have the guts to give it a try till now.
Am really into short nails, for now, am itching for a long set maybe in winter.

How does your current set look like?