Jeffree Star Cosmetics Has Launched In South Africa

01 september 2022

The wait is over it’s launch day Jeffree Star Cosmetics has launched in South Africa. I have known about the launch for a while now and it is good to finally reveal it.

We all beauty enthusiasts know about Jeffree and his influence on the beauty industry. With beautiful eyeshadow pallets that have telling color stories, it’s an exciting launch to be a part of.

I was kindly sent the Banana Fetish Palette and the velour liquid lipstick in
This palette consists of 18 shades 4 metallic shimmers and 14 matte shadows. The color story of the palettes boats of hues of yellows & browns with chickee shadows of pink & bright blue in the mix.

Banana Fetish Palette

My Peeps: Pale yellow

Cream Pie: Bright yellow

G-Spot: (Metallic shimmer) white with yellow-gold pearl 

Just The Tip: Banana yellow

How Do You Peel?: Muted lemon yellow

Certified Organic: Velvet taupe brown

Star Split: (Metallic shimmer) White with white-gold pearl

Bulge: Hot baby blue

Banana Fetish: Mac & Cheese yellow

Vitamin P: Pure gold metallic 

Pinky Ring: Hot Fushia pink

Size Queen: Brown

Hammock: Orange-brown

Sundae Service: Soft coffee brown

Never Bitter: Copper champagne shimmer with a green metallic shift 

Morning After: Muted olive yellow

Pounding Cake: Milk chocolate 

Don’t Choke: Dark Chocolate brown

Jeffree Star cosmetics can be purchased on BeauTique.