23 JANUARY 2021

Is Slugging The Secret To Glowing Skin

Social media has even given us all new way in doing skin care. Many trends came up like Slugging it’s not so new but it’s new to me. It has been around the skincare block many influencers have tried it. Tiktok just made it popular again.

So what is Slugging?

The term refers to a popular new Korean beauty trend in which women slather their faces in Vaseline before bed to lock in moisture and keep skin feeling baby soft.

The word that I fear the most when it comes to skincare Vaseline. I have acne -oily skin, I received the short end of the stick when it comes to skin. A lot of women that have been using the slug routine has had some good results. The skin becomes more glowing and soft.

So let us talk about the secrete ingredient in Slugging Vaseline. Is wise to apply it to your face and using it at a moisturizer? Vaseline is an oil-based product which helps lock in moisture keeping the skin beautiful and soft. Vaseline prevents this type of water loss is known as transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

Vaseline prevents water evaporation from happening essentially.

Three moisturizing ingredients are found in skincare.

They don’t all work the same job they are 

  • HumectantsHumectants are ingredients found in lotions and cleansers that hydrate the skin by attracting water molecules like a magnet.
  • Emollients | Emollients means soother or softener. When your skin is dried -out it could cause it to be rough and flaky. Emollients fill those spaces when your skin is flaky with fatty substances, called lipids
  • Occlusives | Occlusives work as a protective layer on the skin. They help lock in moisture and prevent moisture loss.

The types of Emollients and Humectuet 


  • Petrolatum
  • lanolin
  • mineral oil 
  • dimethicone 


  • glycerin 
  • lecithin
  • propylene glycol

So going back to Slugging and the use of Vaseline. Vaseline is very good occlusive. It works well in protecting and preventing water lose. That’s is why when you slug your skin it locks in all the moisture, skin looks and feels healthy.

The downside in the use of this occlusive its that you can not apply any active ingredients on top. It’s that good that noting will penetrant your skin once it is on. The use of actives should be done before slugging.

They are other products you can use when slagging but you can run into the risk of clog pores, some might contain lanolin that can cause a skin reaction. Vaseline the original is the most suggested it doesn’t clog pores and it’s not that heavy on the pocket.

So who it is it for?

If you have dry or flaky skin or you have damaged your skin barriers with a bit of over-exfoliation. Then slugging would help you in getting your skin back in order. I would have to shy away from slugging. I have acne-prone skin and even though Its such a good product it’s too risking for me.

To Conclude 

Slug it 

if you can. This is a good way to heal your skin and protect it. . It’s a good skincare product. Due to the masking situation, it’s highly recommended you use it under your mask…To aid in preventing good old maskne.

Are you going to Slug it or Not ?