Kojic Acid
16 MARCH 2021
How Kojic Acid Helps Reduce the Appearance of Brown Spots
I had the worst experience with kojic acid. I have very problematic skin and I have to be careful in what I introduce it to. The time I started using konjac acid in early December 2020. I was not having any breakouts at that point I just wayed to clear my skin up. Konjic acid was not new to me, I just hadn’t had a way to buy it for south Africa. I got my soap from takealot. judging by the video online fast results were the order of the day. At that point getting my dark marks clear was all I cared about. It was in my cart then check out then doorstep. I had no time to do the month-long products review that I tend to do when buying a new product. Then it happened I had the worst white heads know to man. So difficult to deal with. A new breakout means new hyperpigmentation.so I slowing went back to using the soap. I switched up my nighttime routine and used it at night with a good sunscreen. Konjac makes your skin very sensitive. I hadn’t used any sunscreen which then compromised my skin barrier and broke out.

So What Is Konjac 

This acid is made up of many different types of fungi. Konjic is a byproduct of creatin foods eg. soy sauce and rice wine. The main reason why konjac wors so well its because it prevents the formation of tyrosine which is an amino acid that is needed to produce melanin. Konjic has been approved for cosmetic use but only 1% or less. The consent use of konjac could result in your skin is very sensitive to itchiness, swollen skin, pain discomfort. Contracting contact dermatitis it’s also common. Sunburn is also on the card when you use konjac without sunscreen. Ther are pros when you are using konjac acid.it helps clear up hyperpigmentation. Help to fight several common types of bacteria strains. My skin is looking better I mean I still have bits of hyperpigmentation from last years break out. Skin needs attention and yon needs to listen to how it reacts to a new product Its a lesson learnt for sure. Have you tried konjac how did you find it?