01 January 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021

While everyone is taking a break I thought I would take the bull by its horns and start this year on a different note.
This is my first blog post of 2021. I know we all say this year will be different but for me, it must be different.

I have goals I have set for myself some are more personal and others are more gear towards my content. The past year had to be the most trying year yet. It was so difficult to stay in a positive mindset all year round.
I had more bad days than good. The goal-setting was less of a priority in 2020.
In general, I was not happy about so many things and that has to change.
One thing this year has taught me is you have to do right by you. Putting yourself first ad making yourself a priority.

This is not a new year’s resolution post but it’s more of self-love. Self-catering to my needs and feelings. Loving every part of myself.

These are the habits I wish to change

Show up for work 

I don’t mean my 9to5 but I mean the work I do on the side. Show up for it taking it a bit more seriously. Having a set schedule for writing a blog post or recording that youtube video will keep me in check. Taking the time to prepare my content months in advance in case life happens.

Do Everything once

I tend to redo everything once or twice. I think my expectations I have for myself are too high. And I can create content and not post it because am afraid of what would people say. It is all about the confidences I sometimes I over analyze my abilities as a content creator.

Finding my 10k account back and still having that anxiety of posting made me realize that I care too much of what people think of me.

I always had an excuse for my lack of productively. I need a new laptop I got one am still not as unproductive. I degrade my blog to have a set theme so I can write and be more consistent. But I spent long nights designing and redesigning. Being happy and consistent its the rule for 2021.

It will take a while.

But I will get there