23 AUGUST 2021
Current Foundation Routine

Am routine has been perfected for years. I love makeup and having flawless bases can become very tricky. My routine will help you not sweat the beat.

There are many foundations and a lot of options, but the first order of business is to understand your skin. Prep the skin properly your foundation will come out gorgeous.

There are many options available from different brands, but my favourite foundation currently it’s from Maybelline.
Having an everyday foundation that applies well and stays on all day is very hard to come by. Yes, there are a lot of brands but not enough good foundations. That doesn’t oxidize and is not long-lasting.

My first step is to use the Maybelline setting spray on my bare face. Am not an advocate for primers. I have my reasons I feel they don’t work it’s just an added step to your routine. Having to deal with acne the less I have to put on my skin the better, more products more problems.
Using the setting spray as a primer am creating a bearer between my skin and the foundation and I just love the finish of the foundation

Am really fond of using products from one brand especially when it comes to my foundation. It always comes as perfect. After I have set applied my setting spray I use a flat foundation brush to apply my foundation.
The build of this foundation is impeccable its doesn’t dry down fast or move around.
Yes, I know no one whats to put on foundation knowing very well that they will have to put on a mask. But I really love having a routine that I know will work.
The natural finish of this foundation is either matt or stain or dewey I love it. Foundation is the very person I might love a foundation you partially hate or vice versa . But un the less I really love how simple my foundation routine has become. I feel the older I get the list proudly I want to put on my skin.
I hope you enjoyed my thoughts.