25 JANUARY 2021

Can Skin Barrier Be Permanently Damaged ?

This post is very close to home. I have had skin barrier damage issues for the longest time, I had no idea my skin was damaged. There are a lot of things that could damage your skin barrier. In this post, I will be informing you what the skin barrier is and how you can damage it and repair it.

I have a video up on my channel on my skin barrier issues.


What is the skin barrier? 

Its is the outer surface of the skin, the front liners in defense to toxins. The skin barrier includes the stratum corneum. That is composed of skin cells, lipids, and natural moisturizing factors like amino and fatty acids. The function of the skin barrier is to prevent water loss as well as the penetration from compounds into the body via the epidermis.

Now that we have established the function of the skin barrier lets get into how would you know that it is damaged, what are the common signs you should look for? 

A quick look would be the texture of the skin. When your skin barrier is healthy the skin it’s soft and plump but when its damaged your skin is dry and rough. Your skin becomes more sensitive when you apply any skincare products as well.

What Damages Your Skin Barrier 

  • Shaving and hair removal
  • Ineffective cleansing
  • Over-exfoliating skin
  • Leaving makeup on overnight
  • UVA & UVB rays
  • Pollution
  • Pollen, dust, dirt and other particles
  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Skin cyclical changes
  • Seasonal changes
  • Air conditioning
  • Saltwater and chlorine
  • Temperature or humidity changes in your immediate environment

At some point or another, we all have impaired our skin barrier at some time. The most common causes are climate change when the cooler months come in. The dryness that comes with winter sucks the moisture out of the skin. Cooler temperature also breaks down the moisture barrier. The use of too many skincare products as well. Many skincare products exfoliate and that can compromise you Ph of the skin and the lipid barrier.

One of the things I have noted about my skin is that when my skin barrier its compromised my acne gets worse. Of which that due to the increased irritation and inflammation of the skin. There are ways in which you could prevent skin barrier issues I will list them down below.

How to Look After the Skin’s Barrier

  1. Use cool water when cleansing your face.
  2. Use mild cleaners.
  3. Use fragrance-free skincare products.
  4. Use sunscreens.
  5. Stay off the actives for a bit {AHA and BHA}.

In my experience switching over your skincare products to aid in getting your skin barrier back in order. Try to keep the skincare routine as simple as you can also help. Stay away from the use of toners, serums and exfoliating.

Use a mild cleanser and moisture and a good sunscreen. I don’t put on makeup when my skin seems unhealthy .Skin, is a problem I know that very well. The better you understand your skin and finding solutions before the troubles start the fewer stress you will have. Hope, this post gives you meaning and you leave my blog more educated about skin.