7 Ways to Wear Beach Cover-Ups

Summer is right around the corner and soon it will be time to hit the beach! The classic
beach cover-up has been worn by many, so we’re here with some fresh inspiration.
In this article, we’ll be showcasing 7 different ways to style beach cover-ups to make
your summer Instagram feed is trendier than ever!

Our first look is perfect for any festival-goers. This hippy-style cover-up features
intricate beads and blue tassels that are the color of the ocean. It’s an elegant piece that
covers the body but still allows for free movement.

This bright cover-up is perfect for anyone who wants to conceal their body shape. The
flowing shape hides the figure while the drawstring center gives the illusion of a slimmer
waist. It does a great job at protecting your skin and it could be worn to the beach or to
go dancing!

Look #3 - Knitted Drawstring Beach Cover-Up

Look #4 - Beach Cover-Up Dress

This knitted coverup has a sexy bodycon shape that beautifully highlights the female
figure. You’ll still be able to show off your bikini underneath as the material is sheer,

and the drawstring thighs ensure your body isn’t constricted. And the neutral tan shade
will complement all skin tones and body types!

This gorgeous hot pink dress is sexy and sophisticated. It has a deep thigh slit that shows
off one leg and it has bikini-style straps to support your bust. Not only would this be
great for a beach day, but the graceful style of the dress makes it ideal for a dinner date!

Look #5 - Bright Sheer Beach Sarong

Look #6 - Cross-Split Cover-Up Dress

Our fifth look is a tasteful beach sarong. The sarong can be tied in various ways,
making it a versatile beach accessory. This bright purple sarong features dainty tassels
that swish gracefully as you move. You can tie the waistline high up to conceal the stomach, or lower to show off your hipbones, perfectly fitting the sarong to your body’s

This cross-split dress will beautifully highlight the shape of your chest. The cross-over
pulls the bust in, making it appear more full, and supports you throughout the day.

This gorgeous orange tone will show off that summer tan, and the sheer, stretchy
material will suck in your stomach. This stylish dress could be worn to lie by the pool or
have drinks at the bar.

Our final look is a set of crochet trousers. While the drawstring cinches in the waist, the
fishnet material makes the buttocks look more round. The rest of the trousers are made
of a dainty fringe material which gives your legs space to move and makes for an eye-
catching picture.

We hope that you have enjoyed our beach cover-up ideas, now you can have fun trying
out 7 new looks this summer!
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